A man is accompanying his wife shopping at a traditional market. Quite tedious task for a husband. After circling around buying the kitchen needs, his wife stopped by at chicken slaughter shop. Though it was crowded, his wife couldn’t get satisfied choosing the right chicken. She kept flipping those chickens there, took, observed, and returned back. She did it repeatedly. Not only her husband is getting at his nerve, the seller too.
“Which one are you going to pick, Mam?” asked the seller impatiently.
“I’m looking for a fresh chicken” she replied.
That answer triggered the anger of the seller.
“Do you even know anything about fresh chicken?” fired the seller.
“Of course I know!” she fought back “The fresh are those pinkish white colored skin ones”
“Aren’t all my chickens like that?” the seller started to lose his head.
“No, these look slightly greenish like ones from the yesterday!”
The seller bulged his eyes fiercely. Having to read the raised temper situation, her husband whispered, “Honey, take off your Ray-bans.”
She shocked and just realized she wore a greenish sunglasses.

Just Mere Carter Debate

That was the story that poked up to my brain as I was reading debate in social media on Jokowi-JK 3-years goverment. On a national newspaper, that debate wasn’t only involving people who is pro-Jokowi but also who is pro-Prabowo, and the two figures was requested to write a column with the same equal portion.
Jokowi in his writing surely expressed the result of his work and all the things that have been contributed. One amongst the most stand out and took the most portion of his writing was the infra structure development that indeed was intensively insane during his 3-years government. The naked eye visible is the even construction of highways and roads around islands, especially outside Java island.
On the other side, Prabowo-his former rival in the presidential election- highlighted on this country weakness in defending the small minor people. This chairmain of Gerindra party definitely showed numberly figures to support his writing. Unfortunately no points to counterweight.
Jokowi showed his work performances. Prabowo criticized. As the power administer, it is normal for Jokowi to show off his actual works, meanwhile as the opposing party Prabowo sees the weaknesses of this Solo origin president and is mentioning the existing wide gap between the Haves and the Have Nots.
The hot debates of governor and vice governor candidates in some areas, whether or not are being broadcasted on tv showed significant improvement.
What do we expect? People are getting smarter to decide the best candidate to govern this country and regions.
However, what do we see? There are those people who do not follow the show but only busy in attacking the opponents. Their concern is just to get rid of the oppositions.
Carter debate is indeed never ending. We should have discussed on finding the solution for the better of this NKRI (National Unity of Indonesian Republic). That is suppose to be the asserted main agenda.
If we each use different eyeglasses with different perspective, how could we achieve a state of unity?

Seeing Ghost in the Grass

One afternoon I chatted with a religion figure. Our conversation led to discussion about recent movie genre that sell well in the market: horror.
“If we look for ghost in the grass, we will find it,” answered that friend of mine. We do see what we wish to see.
A whiteskin cowboy and his American Indian friend were walking in the country side. All of sudden, the Indian stopped for a moment, walking towards the grass area, turned over a stone and found a grasshopper.
“Great!”, said the cowboy, “How could you find a grasshopper so easily? You have a very sharp ear!”
The cowboy was cool in silent.
They kept walking and reached downtown that was busy with heavy traffic. Suddenly the Indian dropped a coin purposely on the paved sidewalk. Yet, the cowboy instantly bent down to pick up that coin.
“You hear what you wish to hear!” said the Indian smiling.

Antenna and Horror Film

The story of that cowboy and Indian remind me of a story about a grandfather who just bought a new television set. Gladfully he tried every channel available. To his wonder, all the channels were showing similar entertainments: horror film.
“Grandson, please go up to the roof and check the antenna”, he ordered his grandson.
Once he were up there, he shouted, “Grandfather, I know now why the tv shows all the horror film. Because it is facing the cemetary.”

Antenna and Horse Blinder

The story of the cemetary facing antenna can be used as our reflection to highlight the frenetic of the new upcoming governor candidate issue. The new governor and the vice received sharp attention. All the pro definitely give positive valuation to their performances. Anies well mannered and rethoric language does sound beautifully on the ears of his supporters. On the contrary, the contra look deeply into any Anies’ drawbacks, so his well manner is used against himself.
I do not dare to say that each party should wear horse blinders and to only see what they wish to see and hear.
Horse is given the blinders so it won’t look to the left and right, or even make a stop on the sides of the road for the grass, but just to focus straight at the front.
When I was at Egypt riding camel with my wife, there were two camels from our group that stopped and ceased following other camels. The first camel laid down in the middle of the way due to exhaustion. The second camel was chasing a female camel from another direction.
The owner forcely had to persuade the camels to carry on their task.
In fact, I would like to invite all children of this nation to direct our antenna to positive programs.
Let us appreciate our government who run the Indonesian people’ mandate. Jokowi as the president.
If we look -once again only look- at their weaknesses, we might eventually find any.
Hence, if we willing to be patient and see the real work of their performance -one is doing his 4 years ongoing work, and the other is at his early realization stage of his recent elected position- we would find positive things to happen.
Constructive suggestions and inputs are really important. The pros and cons can both guide their work. What if some feel themselves are better and more capable than their leader? Prove it in the next president electional campaign with a good manner. Don’t let down our mother earth to witness the children of this nation keep fighting against each other! Don’t let our beloved country to always be looked as a developing country-when will we get to be a developed one? Because when there is a will to go forth, there will always be a party who wants to fail and go back. Would we just then only going forths and backs.
Such as the predict of Indonesia disperse in 2030 that is still clear in mind. If we each use our own eyeglasses, there would never be a meeting point. Indonesia could really disperse if this nation keep coming to fight against one another. On the contrary, if we unite and together building this beloved nation, Indonesia could become more prosperous.
Let us clear up each of our own glasses. As I write this part, my eyeglasses turned dewy of my own breathing too. Then I have to clean it up so I can write clearly.
Xavier Quentin Pranata, a lecturer, writer and a public speaker!